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Acacia Lyra

Bruce Armitage
Original & old timer tunes, CDs and cassettes
Music books available
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Celtic Grooves Imports
Irish Traditional Music

Winnie Chafe: Legacy

Contact: (902) 849-8227

Cleveland Quartet

The Creaking Tree String Quartet

©Photo by Tom Robertson
Celtic Roots Festival, Goderich, Ontario Canada

CD Release 2007 Concert

National Arts Centre Fourth Stage

"The Soundtrack"

Winner of two Canadian Folk Music Awards 2007
Best Instrumentalist, Group
Pushing the Boundaries

Owl in the Henhouse 
Peter Dawson
(613) 231-2282

The Emerson String Quartet

David Greenberg, fiddle; Abby Newton, cello
 Kim Robertson, Celtic harp

Fiddlers 3

Sherryl Fitzpatrick

undreds of recordings of local traditions from Britain & Ireland
 as well as other World Regions -
all can be ordered on CD

Randy Foster
(613) 830-9605

Fumblin' Fingers

Ilya Grubert

Matt Haimovitz

Josef Hassid: The 1940 Recordings; Ida Haendel: The 1940 Recordings

Martin Hayes

Playing with Fire

Eileen Ivers

Photo by Scott Ramsay


Nigel Kennedy

©Photo by Lois Siegel
Troy MacGillivray

©Photo by Lois Siegel
Alexis MacIsaac

 Ashley MacIsaac

Doug Martin


Doug Martin

Doug Martin


Nerea Gourlaouen

The First Recordings of Ginette Neveu
The Complete Recordings of Josef Hassid

Mark O'Connor

©Photo by Lois Siegel

Waters of Northumberland
The Ottawa Fiddle Ensemble

Brant Pethick
Original Songs

Johanna Pichlmair

Rachmaninoff’s "Elegiaque"


Laura Risk Athena Tergis

Journey Begun
Fiddle styles from Cape Breton to Appalachia

Jake Shimabukuro
The Jimi Hendrix of the Ukulele

Songcatcher (1999), directed by Maggie Greenwald, 109 minutes, 2000, USA
Special Jury Prize for Outstanding Ensemble Performance
at The Sundance Film Festival
How country music originated from Scottish and Irish ballads
 sung in the 1600s by people who came to America and settled in Appalachia.

"Appalachian Song Collector"
Review by
Paal Juliussen



Folk Traditions of
Norway and America
Dan Trueman:
Hardanger and electric fiddles and
Monica Mugan:
Classical and steel-string guitars

Turtle Island String Quartet


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Jay Ungar and Molly Mason
Hear Jay and Molly on the Internet
 broadcast monthly
from Northeast Public Radio WAMC-FM
 Albany, NY

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