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Gilles Apap

Violinist Gilles Apap improvises a cadenza during Mozart G Major concerto.
Apap is a very well-trained French classical violinist who explores
 jazz, country, blues, folklore and now lives on the West Coast.
He founded the Transylvanian Mountain Boys Band.

Celtic Grooves Imports
Irish Traditional Music

with historic photographs, film footage, interviews, musical performances by some of the best know musicians in New York.
Produced and directed by Patrick Mullins

Willie Hall plays violin
 and the bicycle pump

One of the Paul Whitman Boys

High Fidelity
Relationships, rehearsals, performances, hobbies, family life of the members of
 the Guarneri string quartet.

From Mao to Mozart:
Isaac Stern in China

My Old Fiddle

A film by Les Blank

The National Film Board of Canada

"Jean Carignan, Violoneux" 

"The Fiddlers of James Bay"


"Don Messer: His Land and His Music"


"New Scotland"


"Songs of Nova Scotia"


"Celtic Spirits"


"Canadian Vignettes: The Violin Maker"




New Performance Video featuring
 Mark O'Connor  

The 24-minute studio-filmed video features Mark playing his six unaccompanied Caprices (from the Midnight On the Water recording). Beautifully lit and directed, the video showcases close-ups of his hands and fingers flying through these pieces.

Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill have created the original score for the award-winning film "Photos to Send."
Dierdre Lynch's stunning documentary walks in the footsteps of Dorothea Lange's 1954 visit to County Clare on assignment for Life magazine.
Lange had met and photographed many people around Mt. Callan in the fall of that year, and has left a legacy of magnificent photographs and her impressions of a noble community. Nearly half a century later Ms Lynch went back and spoke with some of those same people, and the film that has emerged is an intimate and poignant view of life in Ireland today in relation to those photos and notes of 1954.

Director: Dierdre Lynch,
Tel: 415-512-8053

Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg


Small Wonders


Songcatcher (1999), directed by Maggie Greenwald
Special Jury Prize for
Outstanding Ensemble Performance
at The Sundance Film Festival (2000)
How country music originated from Scottish and Irish ballads sung in the 1600s by people who came to America and settled in Appalachia.

The Winners

"One of the best documentaries about classical music ever made, and probably the best about the limits of virtuosity." - Variety

85 minutes / Color / 1998

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