Photo by John Anthony Maltese
Classical Ghosts, Audible Once Again

Fiddle Hangout

Recording History

Zenph Studios

Zenph® Studios is a software company that specializes
 in the algorithms and processes for understanding
 and re-creating - precisely how musicians perform.
Based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
a team of software engineers, researchers, and professional musicians
 has successfully accomplished what has been dreamed for years.

Thousands have thrilled to re-performances®
 by famed musicians staged in large halls.
From the data that describe these note-perfect re-performances,
we make clear, modern recordings.
Great-sounding new recordings can be tailored for any acoustic,
for example, for the latest in surround sound or headphone listening.

Music is everywhere. It's in our homes, it's in our cars and it's in our ears. When you're out and about, make sure to bring it with you so you can enjoy everything from camping trips and fun backpacking gear to walks within your own town. Music brings people together.

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