By-the-Canal-Fiddle Camp

©Photo by Paul Jean
©Photos by Lois Siegel

Camp Talent Show

©Photo by Tom Robertson
Ugly Stick
Created by Lois Siegel

with the assistance of Paul Jean

Lois and the Ugly Stick
Video by Lisa Connell
Filmed at the Grand Masters Fiddling Championship
By-the-Canal Fiddle Camp
Piano: Troy MacGillivray
Accordion: Joey Dziok

Traditional Newfoundland Instrument
Parts: mop, rubber boot, bells, bottle caps, horns,
aluminum pie tin, grooved stick or drumstick

The instrument is lifted and dropped on the floor
in time with the music, while the musicians strikes the attachments
with a grooved stick or drumstick.

The Louisiana Swamp Rats

Photo by Robin Comins
Jacinthe Trudeau, Geoff Horrocks, Kimberley Holmes,
Kelli Trottier, Gordon Stobbe, Lois Siegel

Jig Dolls


©Photo by Robin Comins-Unger
Lois Playing the Spoons

Bb Sisters From West Virginia
"Tunes from the Hills"
Sherryl and Kim



Hattie Hutchinson, Sarah Hubbard
Boom Chicks +
Chicken Tabernacle Choir

Brian Hebert,
Christine Keenan, Robin Comins

Emma and Carrie Dlutkowski
Finnish Fiddle

Tom Hutchinson
"The Old Gypsy"

Micki-Lee Smith
"He Taught Me to Yodel"

Billie-Jo Smith
Original Tunes

Sarah Hubbard
"Lady Be Good"

Jake Charron

Marley, Molly, Michaela Schlieman Mullan

Kyle Burghout


Joelle Crigger
Cape Breton Set

Willliam Paradine
"Perpetuum Mobile"

Fiddling and Step Dancing

Michaela, Kyle, Natalie

Elly Wedge

Step Dance "Cowboys"
Marley Schlieman Mullan

Tor Stumo

                         Amelie                          Elly Wedge

Leland and Joey

  Meaghan LaGrandeur  Adrianna Ciccone Eric Provencher 

"Knock, Knock, Knocking on Calvin's Door"
Greg Williams, Eric Ross, Arthur Ross, Mikaela Viljoen,

Karen Hubbard


Ugly Stick

Elmer From West Virginia
Band: The West Virginia Swamp Rats
Created by Lois Siegel
with the assistance of Roger Michon

Alexander George and Shane Cook

Ethan Balakrishnan

Ron Bourque, Audrey Davis, Marg Cote

Martha Pitre

Anna Legedza


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